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How Does It Work?
Kimochi is partnering with Charity Footprints to build a month-long program to encourage sustained exercise by walking or running. The program runs on your iOS or Android phone. The miles you walk or run (to work or school, around the park with the dog or however you choose to move) will raise dollars for Kimochi seniors.

When is the event?
Unlike other one-day walkathons, the Kimochi Health Walk-Run is a month-long event from November 1 – 30, 2017.

Two ways to participate:
Register as a Walker or Runner:
• The Charity Footprints app will track the miles you walk or run by
  GPS and post your progress on the Kimochi campaign webpage. You can
  also track the progress of other participating walkers and runners.
• Note: miles are tracked by GPS, so treadmill miles don’t count.
• The app will also keep track of the donations you receive against your fundraising   goal -- donations made to you are a lump sum per donor (not a per-mile donation)   so fulfilling your mileage goal is 100% honor system
• You can start walking-running anytime in November. End date is 11.30.17.

Sponsor a Walker-Runner:
• Donate online to a Walker or Runner you want to sponsor
• Your donation is one lump sum which will go toward the fundraising goal of the   participant you are supporting
• You can donate anytime up through 11.30.17

Sponsor and Pledge Tracking Form
Keep track of your sponsors and their pledge amounts by using this form.

Have more questions?
Please check out our FAQ or give us a call at 415-931-2294.

How do I stay updated on the event?
Follow us on Facebook and Instagram @KimochiKai. Or, for more information,
call Kimochi (415) 931-2294.

  • Go to Kimochi Health Walk-Run Campaign page
  • Click ‘Register’ to Sign up (or Login)
  • There is NO registration fee
  • Select activity (Walk, Run)

  • Select your distance goal for month     of November
  • Register as an Individual or as part of     a Team (teams are 3-5 members)*
  • Now, set your fundraising goal for
     the month

  • ‘Register Now’ to complete registration

  • Download the free Charity Footprints     app on your iOS or Android phone     (App Store for iOS, Google Play for     Android)
  • When you are ready to walk/run, click     menu button (3 horizontal lines at top     corner) and ‘Start’ to begin workout.
  • App must be turned on to register     your miles – remember, treadmill
    miles don’t count. ‘Pause’ when you     are done walking; ‘Resume’ the next     day to keep an ongoing tally of the     miles you’ve walked. Do NOT delete     your workout
*Note: When you register as an INDIVIDUAL or as part of a TEAM, you cannot change this status later.

1. To ‘Create a Team,’ add your team         name and optional message.
2. To find your team, go to the
     drop down menu.
3. Teams must be entered by 11/15/17.
4. Team members should be organized     before entry.
5. Once you register, your fundraising         page will be added to the Team you         just joined.

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