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Kimochi, Inc. offers a variety of printed material for you to learn more about the organization, the people we serve and our committment to our elderly.

Our annual newsletter, organization brochure, and program brochures are available for download here.

Kimochi Home Brochure (English)
Kimochi Home Brochure (Japanese)
Kimochi Organization Brochure
Kimochi Legacy Society Planned Giving Brochure

Kimochi Newsletter
2018 Kimochi Summer Newsletter
2017 Kimochi Winter Newsletter
2017 Kimochi Summer Newsletter
2016 Kimochi Winter Newsletter
2016 Kimochi Summer Newsletter
2015 Kimochi Winter Newsletter
2015 Kimochi Summer Newsletter
2014 Kimochi Winter Newsletter
2014 Kimochi Summer Newsletter
2014 Kimochi Spring Newsletter
2013 Kimochi Winter Newsletter
2013 Kimochi Summer Newsletter
2013 Kimochi Spring Newsletter
2012 Kimochi Winter Newsletter
2011 Kimochi Winter Newsletter
2011 Kimochi Summer Newsletter
2010 Kimochi Winter Newsletter
2010 Kimochi Summer Newsletter
2009 Kimochi Newsletter
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