Our Board of Directors

The individuals that make up the Kimochi Board of Directors come from various backgrounds and professions, with a common goal to set policy that will enable generations of seniors to age with dignity, pride, support and friendship.

Rod Henmi, Chairperson 
Ellen Kiyomizu, Vice Chair  
Mark Moriguchi, Treasurer
Mary Ishisaki, Secretary
Paul Chin
Roy Ikeda
Mari Kawaguchi  
Roy Kuga 
Benh Nakajo

Peter Namkung
John Noguchi
Kyle Oura
Dennis Sato 
Hiroshi Shimizu 
Gregory Yee   
Michi Yukawa, M.D.
Jane Yura


Kimochi Staff

Steve Ishii, Executive Director
Rod Valdepenas, Controller
Shawne O’Connell, MSW, Director of Programs

Thank You to Our Agency Sponsors

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