Senior Center Activities

Seniors are encouraged to participate in activities at the Kimochi Senior Center. Staff and volunteers plan and offer a variety of monthly activities for independent and active seniors to stay healthy - mind and body. We have a range of classes from ceramics, group singing, odori, tai chi, yoga, bingo, day trips to seminars and workshops. Please see the Senior Center Activities schedule.

The flower arranging and singing classes do keep me creative in fields that I enjoy. But moreover, seeing the seniors glow with excitement and when I see their eyes twinkle as they get involved in the activities, I feel such a thrilling delight. They make me so happy.
— Yasuko Naiki, Volunteer Instructor of Flower Arranging Class and Singing Class (her son, Bobby, also volunteers at Kimochi)

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Individual must be 60 years of age or older

  2. Senior must register as a Senior Center Activities participant

  3. Interested in participating in a group setting

Fee for Service/Voluntary Contribution

Activities are offered free of charge, unless otherwise noted.

For more information on Senior Center Activities or to sign up, please contact:
Elena Nielsen, Community Service Program Specialist, at or (415) 931 - 2294.


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