Social Services & Family Caregiver Support


Kimochi offers a variety of social services for seniors.  The goal of Kimochi’s Social Service programs is to provide support and activities that will enable individuals to maintain independent living.

Some of our services include:

  • Information and referral

  • Advocacy for the elderly

  • Translation services

  • Hospital and home visitation

  • Escort to medical appointments

  • Emotional support

  • Assistance with insurance and government benefits

  • Case management

  • Forms and application completion


  • Resident of the City and County of San Francisco

  • Individual must be 60 years of age or older

  • Family member, caregiver or concerned friend can apply on senior’s behalf

  • Successfully complete the program intake, assessment, and application process


Services are provided free of charge, unless otherwise noted.

I used Kimochi’s services for my parents. I encouraged my mother to go to Kimochi Home for the Adult Social Day Care Program to socialize with people. Kimochi would pick her up and take her home after. She said she enjoyed going there.
— Moses Yasukochi, Owner and Founder of Yasukochi Sweet Shop (Moses and the Yasukochi family have supported kimochi over the past 40 years)


Kimochi offers various support programs for family caregivers and friends.  There is no charge unless otherwise stated. These programs are only for unpaid family or friends caring for a loved one.

Family Caregiver Support Group
The purpose of the Support Group meeting is to share experiences and ideas to ease the stress of caregiving.  Meetings are facilitated by a Kimochi Case Manager.  Note: the date and time are subject to change. Please call (415) 931-2275 if you are attending for the first time.

Training & Seminars for Caregivers
Kimochi offers several training sessions throughout the year for family and friends caring for a loved one.  Topics can vary - sample topics as follows:

  • Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia

  • Hope to cope with difficult behavior

  • Hands-on care

  • Family caregiving and selfcare

  • Senior law

  • Long-term care insurance, financial planning

  • Nutrition

  • End of life care

Information and Referral
Knowledgeable and caring Kimochi staff can provide information and referral, emotional support to families and friends who need help in caregiving, assistance searching for home care or facilities in the San Francisco/Bay Area and other support services.

For more information on Kimochi Social Services for San Francisco, please contact:
Kimochi Social Services
1715 Buchanan Street, San Francisco, CA 94115
Tel: (415) 931-2275
Yumi Berman, Social Services Coordinator,


Family members and friends are often the providers of caregiving support to their spouses, patents, and the seniors in the community.  Kimochi offers caregivers outreach and supportive services to strengthen their capacity to help keep seniors at home.

Staff are available to provide the following:

  • Assistance in identifying the needs of the caregiven

  • Referrals to link caregivers with resources that can assist them

  • Home visits to connect with families

  • Facilitation of family meetings

  • Translation support in English and Japanese

  • Support groups

  • Presentations and training sessions

Training & Seminars for Caregivers

Kimochi San Mateo offers several training sessions every year for family caregivers. Topics can include:

  • Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia

  • How to cope with difficult behavior

  • Hands-on care

  • Family caregiving and selfcare

  • Senior law

  • Long-term care insurance, financial planning

  • Nutrition

  • End of life care

For more information on Kimochi Social Services for San Mateo, please contact:

Kimochi San Mateo
453 N. San Mateo Drive, San Mateo, CA 94401
Tel: (650) 388-7130
Terue Shinohara, Support and Wellness Manager,


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