C.A.R.E. Program

The CARE Program is a new program that Kimochi Inc. and JCYC (Japanese Community Youth Council) are doing in partnership with the City of San Francisco. The aim of the program is to foster an exchange between generations by hosting intergenerational activities.

The CARE Program is made up of four different programs.

The first is the Chibi Chan Preschool exchange. Seniors will have the opportunity to volunteer at Chibi Chan Preschool and Chibi Chan Too Preschool for science experiments, arts and crafts, music, reading, and games. 

The second is the Tech Support Exchange.  High school and college students from JCYC will have the opportunity to teach seniors how to use cell phones, computers, iPads, etc. Classes will be held at Kimochi Lounge or JCYC.

The third is the Cultural Exchange.  We will be hosting Japanese cultural events, such as film screenings, holiday celebrations, and traditional Japanese games to create a space where people of all ages can come together to learn and have fun.

The fourth is the Writing Workshops. For these intergenerational writing workshops, all age groups are invited to write poetry and personal narratives together. Seniors can write about their lives and younger people can write about theirs to foster greater understanding. Written works will be published at the end of the program year.

If you are interested about the CARE Program, contact our CARE Program Specialist, Jacob Oki Ahearn, at jahearn@kimochi-inc.org or 415-931-2294.

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